In 2008, Shinn Estate Vineyards became the third winery in the US to list their ingredients on their label.


After nearly a decade of successful winemaking, Shinn Estate Vineyards became one of the only vineyards in the United States to list all of the ingredients on the wine label. 

These ingredients include estate-grown grapes, grown using certified, sustainable methods; sulfur dioxide, which is needed in small amounts to maintain vineyard character in these wines; yeast, which converts sugar in juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide; yeast nutrient, an organic yeast food, which contains high levels of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, necessary for health fermentation; bentonite, an impure clay formed by volcanic ash that bonds with floating particles that cause cloudiness in wine; and tartaric acid, a naturally occurring substance in grapes that can be added if the acid or alkaline balance is off.